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NWH Corridor Refurbishment - Specification and Tender

Dear Mr Maunder Taylor,

Thank you for providing leaseholders with the outline written specification for the corridor works on which you are currently consulting. We are aware that leaseholders have also requested copies of the drawings for these works. Could you now also provide them?  Without the drawings it is difficult for leaseholders to make any meaningful comment. Given that the drawings form an integral part of the specification, the current consultation will need to be put on hold until leaseholders have had time to consider them. Without the drawings the current process cannot be considered a proper consultation. 

However, even from the written specification it is clear that the proposal is not for the corridor ceilings as shown in the images in the Northwood Hall entrance lobby. The scheme proposed is more likely to resemble the inside of a hipped roof in an attic conversion. The written description suggests that there would be a central strip 10cm (4 inches) lower than the lowest part of the ceiling, with the pipework covered by sections sloping down either side from that strip to just above the doors. Entry pipes situated further down the walls would be covered with short sections of boxing, but the description does not allow for the many varied positions of these entry pipes, some of which sit tightly against door frames. The design also allows for 450 hatches, which will need to cover c.16 randomly situated stop valves attached to the ceiling pipes in each corridor (section 3.4 of the Specification). There is no detail included of the colour scheme for the walls or the carpeting, nor is there any mention of refurbishments in the lobby areas. There also seem to be anomalies in the specification estimate. For example: 1. There are two calculations for fire-proofing flat doors (clause 3.3.8 of the Specification) – one which allows for refurbishment and fire protection of the existing doors (£275 per door), the other estimates for the option to replace the doors entirely (just over £400 per door), with an additional cost to leaseholders of between £250 and £500 depending on their choice of type/style.  In such a comprehensive refurbishment scheme, the intention should surely be to produce a coordinated design in keeping with the building’s Art Deco character, whilst ensuring fire safety. Neither of these options will achieve this. 2. Work on the service cupboards (clause 3.3.2 of the Specification) makes no mention of the gas and electricity meters they contain, or whether they would need relocating, for which fees are generally high. As they are not included in the estimate, the implication is that they would be the responsibility of individual leaseholders. Please could you advise what these additional costs might be? Regarding costs we see that the proposal appears to be for just over £2.5 million (inc. VAT and fees). This comes to an average of £13,000 per flat, but based on the variations within the Specification, this figure seems likely to rise. We understand that Derek Nicholson is a registered architect, but could you tell us what experience he has in managing projects as a contract administrator, and especially contracts in excess of £2 million?

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Committee Northwood Hall Residents' Association

25 February 2019

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