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The Northwood Hall Residents' Association has for many years worked to promote the interests of its members, both owners and tenants alike, in particular regarding the management and maintenance of the building and its surroundings. Mindful of the size of the community at Northwood Hall, the RA is also keen to offer advice and support to new residents.


The NWH RA is independent of both the freeholder and the managing agent.


Membership is open to all residents: leaseholders (including those who do not live in the building), and tenants of Northwood Hall, but not to the freeholder or their employees.

While the Northwood Hall Leaseholder's Group continues as the recognised residents' association we will not be holding meetings to compete with theirs, but will offer advice to the best of our abilities and raise issues with the managing agent.

We welcome new members and are keen to ensure we are representative of the concerns of the range of people who live or have a lease in the building.

If you wish to join please email with your name and flat number and we will drop you off a subscription form.

The RA Committee

Under its Constitution the Association has an elected General Committee of up to 11 members with an option of up to 6 co-opted members.


Elections are held during the Annual General Meeting (AGM).


All members are welcome to get involved in the committee, which meets every six weeks.


Members of the Association receive the minutes of committee meetings by email and can ask for items to be added to the agenda/attend meetings.


Please note that committee members are not responsible for the day-to-day running of the building or for dealing with problems and emergencies. In these cases you should contact the porter, Nick Craig, during working hours (07881 822 773) or the property manager, Sophie Minot, on 020 8371 9171.

The current members of the NWH Residents’ Association Committee are:

Kate Calvert (Chair), Jo Moody, Valerie Hall, Gwyneth Isbister, David Mazower, Sharon Breen, Michele Freedman, Barbara Wyllie, Aylin Orbasli.

Have a question? Please get in touch.
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